In the CCTV industry there are only a handful of companies that dominate the market. Two in particular, arguably the largest two on the scene have been banned by the United States for government use as well as in the State of Vermont. These large companies – Hikvision and Dahua and their respective OEM partners like LTS, Swann and FLIR / Lorex have been banned over security concerns regarding international espionage. Hikvision in particular is the largest CCTV manufacturer in the world and they have had partnerships with many large US companies such as Honeywell, Swann, LTS, and ADI to name a few. Hikvision, ironically has one of the worst track records for security with a major backdoor being publically disclosed in 2017 outlining how to take control of the camera remotely, reset passwords and render your security system useless. There is still a map of thousands and thousands of hacked camera still vulnerable here in the United States.

As a security integrator the last thing we want to do is expose our clients to malicious hackers or foreign governments, afterall they trust us to install the systems that help secure their properties and networks. We also look for higher quality products with a better security track record than any #hikvision model. There is no excuse for carelessly exposing your clients to an entity owned by the Chinese Government, it also makes no sense considering there are better options, cost should not be of concern.

I see the residential market shifting in the next 5 years from cheap wired systems to completely wire-free solar powered cameras that are ‘smart’ and developed by US based companies like Amazon and Google with options for wireless or for mobile network connectivity. They are ultimately easier to install and its only a matter of time before the manufacturers catch on to the trend for commercial systems.